Who said RedDot CMS is going away? OpenText MS 10.1 will convince you!

A lot of people are scared that RedDot OpenText Management Server might be going away since being acquired by OpenText a few years ago; it doesn’t  seem to be the case by looking at the number of versions released after that! I recently installed the most recent version of RedDot OpenText Management Server 10.1 and it definitely has impressed me in many ways.

Best Practice

First of all, the new Best Practice sample project is heaps better than the up-and-away project. It does take a while to set it up but once it is set up everything you need is all documented there!

For those people who are experiencing difficulties getting it up and running, here is the tip – make sure that the default CSS files are published into the default website folder under the inetpub dir in your C drive.

Supported Operating Systems

10.1 is the first version of CMS which supports Windows 2008 and R2; however, it requires a bit more hardware requirements than 2003 if you want it to perform fast.

Integration Matrix

It was interesting to see that the eDocs integration version specified in the readme file is; this is the version didn’t work with version 9. (See the 10.1 Readme file for more integration version details.)


Documentation wise, I have to say that OpenText has put in a lot of effort in getting it up to the standard. The online help has totally changed and it is pretty helpful.

New Asset Panel and the extended Drag & Drop Feature

Oh the new asset panel totally amazed our technical CMS graphic designer; it has made our lives so much easier to enter and update website content. However, I have been getting issues when trying to upload images L

Many more

There are heaps more new features in 10.1 that you can find in the OT knowledge base.

Who said RedDot is going away? Just show them the Best Practice  if you hear it again!


2 Responses to Who said RedDot CMS is going away? OpenText MS 10.1 will convince you!

  1. Very good article. Within the next weeks (probably somewhen in June) we will provide a new version of the Best Practice Project containing some new features such as the (sample) integration of the Open Text Social communities, the Media Management Server integration and lots of minor changes. Check out the “What’s new?” page to get an overview.

    Best regards,

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