Best Approach for Managing CSS and JS

What is the best approach while implementing the content structure?

Should CSS and JS be removed from a project and kept separate from content?

Have developers and designers ever fought over how the files should be accessed?

Should files be stored and managed by IIS or CMS? Have you ever wondered how to make everyone happy?

Thanks to Graeme Heath, the Web Designer/Info Architect with 5+ years experience working with the content structure in CMS, here is the summary of our “best practice approach” in delivering site structure which we think is the best for now.

Over the last 2 years a lot of talk has focused on getting CSS and JS files out of a Management Server project and putting them into a separate publication target or website. The two main approaches were either linking the CSS and JS resources into to hard linked locations created by clever project variants/publication packages. The other method was to keep all the CSS/JS files in an external site and just link to them. (The first method was demonstrated in the Best Practice project that came with MS v10).